How To Activate Voicemail On iPhone?

Learn how to activate voicemail on iPhone if you want to set up voicemail on your iOS device. The voicemail feature comes in handy when you are busy or simply unable to answer the phone. In this guide, I will help you learn how to activate voicemail on 14 including other iOS versions. Over a billion voicemails are sent every single day across the globe. Here, I’ve given a step-by-step guide to activate voicemail via the Phone app. Without wasting one more minute, let us now learn how to activate voicemail on iPhone in detail.

How To Activate Voicemail On iPhone?

Follow these steps to learn how to activate voicemail on iPhone.

  1. Open the Phone app and select the Voicemail option located in the bottom right corner.
  2. Selecting this option initiates a call.
  3. Simply follow the on-call instructions to set up your voicemail.
  4. Otherwise, tap on the Set Up Now button that appeared on the screen.
  5. From here, you need to set up a password that is four to six digits long.
  6. Select Done once you’ve entered the password.
  7. Re-enter the voicemail password again to confirm your password.
  8. Tap on Done once more to complete the setup of your voicemail password.
  9. Now, you’ll be navigated to the voicemail greetings page.
  10. Here, you can customize your voicemail greeting.
  11. From the greetings page, tap on Default to use the default voicemail greeting.
  12. Or else, select Custom to record a custom greeting.
  13. Then, tap on the Record button to capture your voicemail message.
  14. Tap on Stop and then tap on Save.

You can also tap on the Play button to preview the message. Similarly, you can also tap on the Cancel button to cancel and change your recording. However, you can also customize your voicemail greetings for specific contacts on your phone. 

Activate Voicemail On iPhone 12

Now, you must be wondering how to activate voicemail on iPhone 12. You can follow the same procedure to activate the voicemail messaging service on your iOS device. Make sure you create a passcode to protect your voicemails.

When it comes to how to activate voicemail on iPhone 13, you can again follow the same step-by-step procedure.

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Activate Voicemail On iPhone SE

Do you know how to activate voicemail on iPhone SE? The voicemail feature works the same on all iOS devices including iPhone SE. So, you can follow the same procedure I’ve explained above to activate this amazing feature on your iPhone SE.

If you can’t set up voicemail on iPhone, wait for a while and try the process again.

Activate Visual Voicemail On iPhone

iOS visual voicemail feature allows you to set a default greeting or to customize the greeting that callers hear. But first, learn how to activate visual voicemail on iPhone by following these steps.

  1. From your iPhone Home Screen, tap on the Phone icon.
  2. From the bottom taskbar, tap on the keypad icon.
  3. Simply press and hold the number 1 to call the voicemail service.
  4. You have to enter the PIN if your voicemail is already set up.
  5. Or else, tap on reset PIN if you’ve forgotten your PIN.
  6. You may hear “no voicemail number is stored on the car” if you’ve not set up your voicemail.
  7. Go along with all the instructions are given on the call to set up your voicemail.
  8. Once you are done, press and hold on to number 1.
  9. Enter your new PIN to activate this service.

Thus, you’ve now successfully activated the visual voicemail service on your iOS device.

Activate Voicemail Transcription On iPhone

Basically, voicemail transcription allows you to convert voicemails into text. Follow these steps to learn how to activate voicemail transcription on iPhone.

  1. On the Phone app, tap Voicemail.
  2. Then, click on the voicemail you would like to read.
  3. Wait for a while till the voicemail to transcribe.
  4. Now, you can read your voicemail.

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What Number Do You Dial To Activate Voicemail?

The easiest way to check your Android voicemail is to open up your phone’s dial pad — the pad you use to enter phone numbers — and hold down the number “1.” If you look closely, it should even have a little icon that looks like a tape recording below it. You’ll be taken immediately to your voicemail inbox.

What Is Default Voicemail On iPhone?

The default iPhone greeting message is just that – a default, generic placeholder to prompt callers to leave a message for you when you can’t come to the phone. Callers have no way of knowing if they have reached the correct person or if they are potentially leaving a personal message on the wrong phone.

How Do I Know If My Voicemail Is Working On iPhone?

In the Phone app , Visual Voicemail (available from select carriers) shows a list of your messages. You can choose which ones to play and delete without listening to all of them. A badge on the Voicemail icon indicates the number of unheard messages.

Why Did My Voicemail Disappeared On My iPhone?

If your voicemail icon missing on iPhone 11/12/13, or any other iPhone for that matter, a simple fix is to just restart the iPhone. Restarting the iPhone usually fixes all the runtime errors caused by the long-running, complex processes.

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How Do I Turn My Voicemail On?

On the Android mobile client: Tap the menu icon, and then Settings > Voicemail. Switch the Voicemail slider to On (green).


In the above post, I’ve discussed how to activate voicemail on iPhone 11 and other iOS devices. Voicemail is a carrier feature and can be easily set up on an iOS device. To activate this feature, open the Phone app >> Voicemail >> Set Up Now >> Enter password >> Set up greeting. You can either set up a default greeting or customize it using your voice commands. Your password-protected voicemail is now ready for use featuring a custom or default greeting. Once you learn how to activate voicemail on iPhone, you can easily set up voicemail on your iPhone.

How do I turn voicemail on on my iPhone

How do I turn voicemail on on my iPhone