What Is A Back Tab Curtain?

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In the realm of window dressings, back tab curtains stand out as a sophisticated and versatile option, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Embodying a sleek and tailored look, these curtains have gained popularity for their elegant design and ability to enhance the ambiance of any room.

What Is A Back Tab Curtain?

Back tab curtains derive their name from the tabs sewn onto the upper backside of the curtain panel. These tabs, typically made from the same fabric as the curtain, create a series of discreet loops or tabs across the top, allowing for easy hanging on a curtain rod. This construction conceals the rod and provides a clean, streamlined appearance when the curtains are closed.

Design And Style

One of the distinguishing features of back tab curtains is their clean and contemporary look. The absence of visible grommets or rings gives these curtains a seamless appearance when closed, contributing to a polished and refined aesthetic. They offer a tailored and structured drape, adding an element of sophistication to any room decor.

Functionality And Versatility

Beyond their visual appeal, back tab curtains offer functional benefits. The tabs allow the curtains to glide smoothly along the curtain rod, facilitating effortless opening and closing. Moreover, when closed, they provide excellent light control and privacy, making them an ideal choice for bedrooms, living rooms, or any space where light management is essential.

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Customization And Fabric Choices

Back tab curtains come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns, allowing homeowners to customize their window treatments according to their preferences and decor themes. From sheer and lightweight fabrics that filter light gently to heavier materials that offer enhanced insulation and room-darkening properties, the options are diverse to suit various needs.

Styling Tips

  • Layering and Texture: Layering back tab curtains with sheers, blinds, or valances can create depth and visual interest.
  • Length and Height: Choosing the right length and hanging the curtains slightly above the window frame can give the illusion of higher ceilings and a more spacious feel.
  • Color Coordination: Harmonizing curtain colors with existing decor elements can tie the room together seamlessly.


Back tab curtains seamlessly blend style and functionality, making them a popular choice in modern interior design. Their tailored appearance, ease of use, and versatility in light control make them a valuable addition to any home decor, offering both aesthetic charm and practicality in dressing windows with finesse.


What Are Tabs On Curtains?

Tab top curtains feature exposed loops of fabric along the top. These wrap around the rail and support the weight of the curtain, for a vintage feel. Tab tops have been around for a while, long predating the invention of modern track systems, and for this reason they’re a great match for older properties.

Are Back Tab Curtains Easy To Open?

Back tab curtains are suitable if you don’t want to open and close the drapes very often. Because the fabric rests directly on the rod, it may be difficult to slide the tabs over the pole. To help keep the tabs and pleats straight, try flat rods instead of round ones.

How Long Should Back Tabs Be On Curtains?

Cut 4.5” x 6” pieces for the tabs. The finished tabs will be 2” wide. You want about 6” of space between tabs, so I’ll need 4 tabs per panel.

Are Back Tab Curtains Good?

This resulting neat, tailored look without the hassle of handling rings and clips, is what makes back tab curtains an ever-popular choice with our clients. Traditional, modern or contemporary, no matter what your personal interior design style preference, back tab curtains are a smart choice.

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