What Is A Delve ESO?

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Within the vast and immersive world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), players encounter a multitude of intriguing locations, each holding its own secrets, quests, and dangers. Among these, Delve stands out as a thrilling destination for adventurers seeking challenges and treasures.

What Is A Delve ESO?

In ESO, a Delve refers to a smaller-scale dungeon or cave-like area scattered throughout the game’s landscapes. These locations are designed to be solo or small group adventures, providing players with unique experiences and opportunities for exploration and combat.

Key Features Of Delves:

  1. Solo or Group Exploration: Delves offer content suitable for solo players or small groups, accommodating different playstyles and preferences.
  2. Quests and Challenges: Each Delve often contains its own storyline or questline, accompanied by various enemies, puzzles, traps, and bosses to overcome.
  3. Loot and Rewards: Successful completion of Delves yields valuable rewards such as gear, experience points, skill points, crafting materials, and occasionally rare and unique items.
  4. Respawning Enemies: Enemies within Delves respawn after a certain duration, allowing for repeated exploration and farming opportunities.

Exploring A Delve In ESO:

When venturing into a Delve, players can expect a mix of combat encounters, puzzles, and hidden passages. The environments are diverse, ranging from dark and eerie caverns to ancient ruins or mystical landscapes, each with its own ambiance and challenges.

Players may stumble upon NPCs offering quests or stumble upon hidden treasures while battling through waves of enemies. Boss encounters within Delves often require strategic gameplay and coordination for victory, providing exciting challenges.

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Benefits Of Delves:

  1. Experience and Progression: Delves offer a significant source of experience points for character leveling and skill advancement.
  2. Exploration and Lore: Delve quests often reveal fascinating lore and stories specific to the location, enriching the overall narrative of the game world.
  3. Loot and Gear: Successful completion of Delves rewards players with valuable loot, including gear sets, crafting materials, and rare items.


Delves in Elder Scrolls Online add depth and diversity to the gameplay experience, catering to both solo adventurers and groups seeking thrilling challenges. They serve as engaging content hubs where players can immerse themselves in quests, combat, exploration, and discovery, all while reaping rich rewards.

For ESO players, exploring Delves remains an exciting aspect of the game, offering endless opportunities for adventure and discovery within Tamriel’s expansive and immersive world.

So, gear up, gather your allies or venture forth alone, and prepare to delve into the mysteries and treasures awaiting in the depths of Elder Scrolls Online!


What Is The Difference Between A Public Dungeon And A Delve?

Public Dungeons are marked with an arched doorway that looks like a cave entrance. They can be entered by anyone at any time, and are much harder than delves. They typically contain a skyshard. To complete a public dungeon you’ll need to complete all the related quests, defeating the boss will not be enough.

How Many Delves Are In ESO?

There are usually 6 Delves in each zone (18 in Cyrodiil). Note that if you traverse the dungeon but do not take part in battle against the final boss, you will not get credit for the dungeon. If the boss has recently been killed, you may need to wait for them to respawn.

Do Delves Give Skill Points?

Not all Delves’ quests give skill points as a reward: they mostly give objects or gold. However, it is good to remember that all Delves contain sky shards, and if you acquire 3 sky shards – you get 1 skill point. Group Delves are harder to complete and generally require 4 people, like a dungeon.

What Is The Difference Between Dungeons And Trials In ESO?

Group dungeons also have both normal mode and veteran mode, where veteran mode is tougher. Trials are like group dungeons but even bigger. They require a group of twelve characters to finish and all the bosses have special mechanics.

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