What Is A Rent Concession?

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Renting a property, whether it’s a residential apartment or commercial space, often involves signing a lease agreement that stipulates the monthly rental amount. However, in certain circumstances, landlords and property managers may offer a rent concession. In this blog, we’ll explore what a rent concession is, why it’s offered, how it differs from rent reduction, and the implications for both tenants and landlords.

What Is A Rent Concession?

A rent concession is a temporary or short-term offer made by a landlord or property owner to a tenant. It involves a reduction in the tenant’s rent, typically for a specific period or under certain conditions, which may include signing a longer lease term or meeting specific requirements. Rent concessions are often used as an incentive to attract and retain tenants, especially in competitive rental markets.

Key Aspects Of Rent Concessions:

  1. Temporary Reduction: Rent concessions provide a temporary reduction in the monthly rent that a tenant is required to pay. This reduction can vary in amount and duration.
  2. Incentive-Based: Concessions are usually offered as incentives to encourage tenants to lease a property. They may be used to fill vacancies, retain existing tenants, or promote specific lease terms.
  3. Lease Conditions: To receive the concession, tenants may need to fulfill certain conditions, such as signing a longer lease, paying rent on time, or meeting other criteria set by the landlord.
  4. Variety of Forms: Rent concessions can come in various forms, including a specific dollar amount off the rent, a set number of rent-free months, or other financial incentives.

Rent Concession Vs. Rent Reduction

It’s important to differentiate between rent concessions and rent reductions:

  1. Rent Concession: A rent concession is temporary, usually for a set period, and often conditional on certain terms. It’s an incentive offered to attract or retain tenants or promote specific lease arrangements.
  2. Rent Reduction: A rent reduction, on the other hand, is a permanent decrease in the monthly rent. It is not tied to specific conditions or a limited time frame. Rent reductions are typically offered to address issues such as property defects or market rate adjustments.

Why Rent Concessions Are Offered?

  1. Competitive Market: In highly competitive rental markets, landlords may offer concessions to make their properties more appealing to prospective tenants, giving them an edge over other properties.
  2. Tenant Retention: To keep existing tenants, property owners may offer concessions as a way to incentivize lease renewals. This can help maintain a stable and reliable tenant base.
  3. Property Upgrades: During periods of property renovations or upgrades, landlords may offer concessions to compensate for any inconvenience caused to tenants due to construction or improvements.
  4. Long-Term Leases: Landlords may use concessions to entice tenants to sign longer lease agreements, providing more stability and consistent rental income.

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Implications For Tenants And Landlords


  • Cost Savings: Rent concessions can provide significant cost savings for tenants during the concession period, allowing them to allocate funds for other priorities.
  • Lease Terms: Tenants should carefully review the terms and conditions of the rent concession to ensure they understand the requirements and obligations.
  • Temporary Relief: While rent concessions offer temporary relief, tenants should be prepared for a potential increase in rent when the concession period ends.


  • Tenant Attraction: Rent concessions can attract more tenants, reduce vacancy rates, and improve cash flow, making them a valuable marketing tool.
  • Lease Flexibility: Concessions can be used to encourage specific lease terms or behaviors from tenants, such as timely rent payments.
  • Impact on Revenue: Landlords need to consider the impact of rent concessions on their revenue and profits, ensuring that they remain financially viable.


Rent concessions are a common practice in the real estate and rental market, serving as a tool for attracting tenants, encouraging lease renewals, and promoting property upgrades. While they provide temporary relief for tenants and offer incentives for landlords, both parties should carefully consider the terms and conditions associated with rent concessions. When used judiciously, rent concessions can be a win-win solution for landlords and tenants in the ever-evolving world of leasing and property management.


What Is The Difference Between A Concession And A Rental?

The vast majority of rental agreements are documented in written form and include specifics regarding the security deposit, fees, rent levels, and incentive services. The concession will typically take the form of a temporary decrease in one or more of these requirements.

What Defines Concession In Lease?

The definition of a rental concession is “a compromise a landlord makes to the original lease terms in the hopes of attracting or keeping a tenant.” This means it can range from modifying the lease terms, tenant permissions, or other benefits mutually agreed upon. This compromise can come in the form of a: Rebate.

What Is Meant By Lease Concessions And Why Do You Suppose Landlords Offer These?

Rent concessions are discounts or special offers that landlords or property managers can offer to prospective and current tenants. Rent concessions can either be long-term or for one-time use to generate tenant interest through rental listings or motivate tenants to renew their lease for another term.

What Does Increase In Concession Mean In Rent?

A rent concession is any discount or adjustment made to rental fees, security deposits, or other fees paid by tenants. They are also known as leasing concessions, tenant incentives, or apartment concessions.

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