What Is Amen Corner?

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Amen Corner, a term that resonates within the golfing world, holds a unique significance at Augusta National Golf Club. In this article, we explore the origins, layout, and cultural impact of Amen Corner, delving into the allure that makes it a focal point during the Masters Tournament.

What Is Amen Corner?

Amen Corner is a colloquial term that refers to the combination of the 11th, 12th, and 13th holes at Augusta National Golf Club. The name itself was coined by golf writer Herbert Warren Wind, and it has since become synonymous with the dramatic and pivotal moments that unfold during the Masters Tournament.

What Is Amen Corner At The Masters:

During The Masters, Amen Corner becomes the crucible of golfing drama, where fortunes can change with a single swing. The significance of this stretch of holes lies not only in their challenging design but also in the history of memorable moments that have unfolded here.

What Is Amen Corner At Augusta:

Amen Corner is a revered section of the Augusta National Golf Club, situated in the southeastern part of the course. It is known for its picturesque beauty, challenging layout, and the critical role it plays in determining the outcome of the Masters Tournament.

What Hole Is Amen Corner At Augusta National:

Amen Corner comprises Holes 11 (White Dogwood), 12 (Golden Bell), and 13 (Azalea) at Augusta National. The strategic placement of these holes creates a captivating and demanding sequence that tests the skill and nerve of even the world’s best golfers.

What Is Amen Corner Golf Club:

Amen Corner Golf Club is not a separate entity but is synonymous with the collection of holes at Augusta National. The term is more of a cultural reference, highlighting the historical and iconic nature of this stretch of the course.

What Hole Is Amen Corner:

The specific holes that constitute Amen Corner are Hole 11 (White Dogwood), Hole 12 (Golden Bell), and Hole 13 (Azalea). Each hole presents its own set of challenges, from the dogleg left of Hole 11 to the treacherous Rae’s Creek that guards Hole 12 and the uphill climb of Hole 13.

Amen Corner Augusta Pictures:

Amen Corner Augusta pictures capture the breathtaking beauty of this stretch of the course. From the vibrant azaleas in bloom to the pristine fairways and challenging water features, these images reflect the essence of Augusta National during the Masters.

Amen Corner Augusta National:

Amen Corner at Augusta National is a hallowed ground for golf enthusiasts. The meticulously manicured landscape, coupled with the historical moments that have unfolded here, cements its status as one of the most iconic stretches in golf.

Amen Corner Golf:

For golfers, navigating Amen Corner is both a challenge and an opportunity. The strategic choices made on each hole can impact a player’s standing in the tournament, making it a defining stretch that demands precision and skill.

The Amen Corner Pdf:

While there may not be a specific “Amen Corner PDF,” the term is frequently used in golf literature, and enthusiasts often find articles and publications exploring the history and significance of Amen Corner in digital formats.

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Amen Corner In Church:

The term “Amen Corner” is not exclusive to golf; it also has roots in religious settings, referring to a section of a church where enthusiastic worshippers might gather. The connection between golf and spirituality adds a layer of cultural richness to the term.

Amen Corner Menu:

While there isn’t a specific Amen Corner menu related to golf, the term has been playfully adopted by some establishments. It showcases the cultural impact of Amen Corner beyond the golf course, becoming a symbol of community and shared experiences.


In conclusion, Amen Corner stands as a testament to the artistry and challenge of golf. Beyond its technical design, this iconic stretch at Augusta National carries the weight of golfing history and tradition. As patrons and players alike witness the drama unfold at Amen Corner during the Masters Tournament, they become part of a legacy that transcends the sport itself.


What Is Special About Amen Corner?

The answer is simple: Amen Corner is a 12-stroke, 1,170-yard death trap. The 12th hole in particular is littered with hazards that, on a par 3, can obliterate the scores of even the most seasoned golfers. This infamous stretch can be where events are won or lost.

Why Do They Call It Amen Corner?

The area became a popular spot for sidewalk preachers, and the shouts of “Amen” heard there led the area to become known as “Amen Corner.” Whatever the long ago origins of the name, the words “Amen Corner” have long become synonymous with golf’s most iconic three-hole stretch above all else.

Is The Amen Corner A Tragedy?

Combining the powerful sweep and deep emotional journey of a Shakespearean tragedy with intimate moments of personal revelation, all suffused with the music of the Black church, The Amen Corner is an American classic and a truly grand theatrical event ready to fill the Sidney Harman Hall stage.

Can You Wear Jeans To The Masters?

Khakis pants or golf pants are the most comfortable and easiest choice for the day. Depending on the weather, shorts may be an option you prefer, but they should be of this similar style. Never wear jeans to these hallowed grounds!

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