What Is Hip Fire In CoD?

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Call of Duty, often abbreviated as CoD, is a wildly popular first-person shooter (FPS) video game series that has captivated gamers around the world for nearly two decades. One essential gameplay mechanic in CoD, and many other FPS games, is “hip fire.” In this blog post, we’ll delve into what hip fire is, how it works, and its significance in the CoD series.

What Is Hip Fire In CoD?

Hip fire refers to the act of firing your weapon without aiming down the sights (ADS). In other words, when you shoot your gun without using the aiming reticle or scope, you are hip firing. This shooting technique is characterized by a looser, less precise style of aiming, where your character holds the weapon at their hip or chest level.

How Does Hip Fire Work In CoD?

Hip firing in Call of Duty is relatively straightforward. By default, when you press the fire button without aiming down the sights, your character will engage in hip fire. The bullets will generally follow a spread pattern, which means they won’t all hit the exact center of your crosshair. Instead, they disperse within a certain radius, making it less accurate than aiming down the sights.

Hip Fire Vs. Aiming Down The Sights (Ads)

Both hip fire and aiming down the sights have their advantages and disadvantages in CoD:

Hip Fire:

  • Faster shooting: Hip fire allows you to fire your weapon more quickly because you’re not taking the time to aim down the sights.
  • Better mobility: You can move around more freely while hip firing, which can be advantageous in close-quarters combat.
  • Reduced accuracy: The downside is that hip fire is less accurate, especially at longer distances, making it less effective for precision shots.

Aiming Down the Sights (ADS):

  • Improved accuracy: ADS offers better accuracy, ensuring your shots are more likely to hit your target, especially at range.
  • Slower movement: While aiming down the sights, your character moves more slowly, making you an easier target for enemies.
  • Reduced peripheral vision: ADS narrows your field of view, making it harder to spot threats outside your crosshair.

When To Use Hip Fire In CoD?

Knowing when to hip fire in CoD is crucial to your success in the game. Here are some scenarios where hip firing might be beneficial:

  1. Close-quarters combat: In tight spaces or when an enemy suddenly appears at point-blank range, hip firing can help you quickly eliminate threats.
  2. SMGs and shotguns: Weapons like submachine guns and shotguns are often better suited for hip firing due to their high rate of fire and spread.
  3. Aggressive playstyle: If you prefer an aggressive, run-and-gun approach, hip firing can keep you mobile and responsive to changing situations.


In Call of Duty, hip fire is a valuable tool in your arsenal, offering a balance between speed and accuracy. While it may not be as precise as aiming down the sights, mastering hip fire can make you a more versatile and effective player in the fast-paced world of CoD. Understanding when to hip fire and when to ADS is essential for honing your skills and adapting to the dynamic nature of the game. So, the next time you pick up your virtual weapon, consider the advantages of hip fire in your strategy to achieve victory on the battlefield.

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How Do You Use Hip Fire In CoD?

How to hip-fire in CoD: Mobile

  • Launch Call of Duty: Mobile on your device.
  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Select the ‘Controls’ tab.
  • Pick the mode you wish to change.
  • Select ‘Advanced Mode’.
  • Click the ‘Hip Fire’ box.
  • Your primary firing button will now default to hip fire, with the smaller button being used for ADS fire.

Is Hip Firing A Real Thing?

YES, it is called ASSAULT FIRE! It is still taught in Basic Training. The stock is held against your right thigh with your left hand on the forearm and your right hand on the pistol grip and trigger. Then as you advance toward the enemy you fire one shot every time your right foot hits the ground!

What Is Hipfire Kills?

A hipfire kill is exactly what it sounds like, a kill that you get while hip-firing and not aiming down sights. While this sounds simple in theory, many players have struggled to come up with ways of earning them consistently in MW2.

Is Hip Fire Better Than Ads?

Hip fire in gaming is when your weapon position stands in the default animation mode. It typically is less accurate than the ADS mode, but it also is quicker for close quarters where aiming down sights can be awkward, especially inside buildings and tight hallways.

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