What Is PNR Number?

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In the realm of air travel, the PNR (Passenger Name Record) number stands as a vital identifier, orchestrating the symphony of passenger information and travel logistics. This article aims to unravel the mysteries surrounding PNR numbers, exploring their purpose, variations, and how they streamline the travel experience.

What Is PNR Number?

A PNR number, or Passenger Name Record number, is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to every air travel reservation. This identifier serves as a digital footprint, encapsulating essential details about the passenger’s journey, itinerary, and booking information.

Is PNR Number Same As Booking Reference:

While often used interchangeably, the PNR number and booking reference are not precisely the same. The booking reference typically refers to the alphanumeric code associated with a specific reservation, while the PNR encompasses a broader set of passenger details and travel information.

What Is PNR Number Of Flight:

The PNR number of a flight encapsulates crucial information such as the passenger’s name, flight details, seat assignment, and any additional services or requests. This consolidated record simplifies the management of passenger data for airlines and travelers alike.

What Is PNR Number Ryanair:

In the context of Ryanair, a popular European airline, the PNR number is a unique identifier assigned to each passenger’s reservation. This alphanumeric code facilitates efficient management of flight details, simplifying the check-in process and enhancing the overall travel experience.

What Is PNR Number Turkish Airlines:

Turkish Airlines, as a major player in the aviation industry, also assigns PNR numbers to passenger reservations. These codes play a pivotal role in organizing and tracking flight information, ensuring a seamless and well-coordinated travel experience for passengers.

What Is PNR Number Pegasus:

Similar to other airlines, Pegasus Airlines utilizes PNR numbers to manage passenger reservations. These alphanumeric codes help streamline the check-in process, manage seat assignments, and track the entire journey for both the airline and the passenger.

What Is PNR Number Batik Air:

Batik Air, an Indonesian airline, employs PNR numbers to efficiently manage passenger reservations. These codes are integral in coordinating various aspects of the travel experience, from seat selection to in-flight services.

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What Is PNR Number Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways, a renowned international airline, issues PNR numbers for passenger reservations. These codes serve as a central reference point for the airline to organize and manage the myriad details associated with each traveler’s journey.

Flight PNR Number Example:

A typical flight PNR number is an alphanumeric code, often six characters long, that uniquely identifies a passenger’s reservation. For example, a PNR number might look like “ABC123.”


In the intricate web of air travel logistics, the PNR number emerges as a linchpin, connecting passengers, airlines, and travel agencies. Its role in consolidating and managing crucial travel information ensures a smoother journey for passengers and streamlined operations for airlines. As travelers embark on their adventures, the unassuming PNR number silently orchestrates the symphony of their travel experience.


Where Do I Find My PNR Number?

Where is Your PNR Code? Passengers can find their PNR code on email or SMS including their flight details. PNR is required for online check-in and it is the fastest way to reach flight details. Online check-in shortens the amount of time spent at the airport and helps passengers to have a comfy flight experience.

What Is PNR Number In Flight Ticket?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It consists of six alphanumeric characters and allows the passengers to manage their flight bookings and check-in for their flight online. Once you book a plane ticket, a distinct PNR is generated which stores your itinerary and personal details.

What Is PNR Number In Usa?

U.S. law requires air carriers operating flights to, from, or through the United States to provide the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), with certain passenger reservation information, called Passenger Name Record (PNR) data.

Where Can I Find PNR Number On E-Ticket?

After clicking the button, the current status of your train ticket shows up along with other details related to your journey. Moreover, you can find your PNR number on the top center in case of an e-ticket or at the topmost left corner on a ticket booked with Indian Railway Station.

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