How To Activate AirDrop?

how to activate airdrop

Even after being an iPhone user, many people do not know how to activate AirDrop. You have arrived at the right page if you are not familiar with this term. AirDrop is an amazing iOS feature that is designed for the free and safe exchange of data between Apple devices. If you don’t know how … Read more

How To Activate Yeast? 

How To Activate Yeast

Yeast is a living organism that feeds on sugar and moisture. So, how to activate yeast? Activated yeast is mostly used for baking purposes like pizza or bread! There are different types of yeast available in the market such as dry yeast and instant yeast. In my today’s post, I will discuss how long does … Read more

How To Activate Apple Card?

How To Activate Apple Card

If you have an Apple Card, then you must be wondering how to activate Apple Card by yourself. Apple Card is a credit card powered by Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. Whenever an Apple Card is shipped to a customer, Apple sends it in special packaging. In my today’s post, we will discuss how to activate … Read more

How To Activate FaceTime?

how to activate facetime

If you’ve recently purchased an iPhone, you must be wondering how to activate FaceTime. FaceTime is an iOS built-in video and audio calling app. This app is available only on Apple devices. You can easily see your loved ones or talk to your friends by hopping on a quick call. Some people among us still … Read more